Find Out What Your Employees Really Know

How much of a problem is shrinkage in your company? Do you have any idea where your biggest problem areas are? Are you sure your employees are telling you everything?

Our anonymous employee surveys enable you to see what’s working well in your store and what’s not working well. It asks questions that cover all the bases about where shrinkage could be coming from: policies/procedures, theft, training programs, policy consistency, and perception of management/supervisors, just to name a few.

And since it’s anonymous, it allows your employees to tell you – confidentially – things they would never tell you face-to-face for fear of retribution.

Find out which employees are most likely to take without paying or give unauthorized discounts to friends and family. Find out which employees are superstars, and which ones are causing the most problems.

Used in conjunction with good procedures and employee-management relations, this 39-page report can help you cut down on shrinkage in your company.

Don’t waste time and money investigating areas that aren’t the problem. Determine where your shrinkage is coming from based on answers from the people who would know best: your employees.

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