Pre-Employment Assessments

Hiring the right people depends on what you know about them. Finding out what you need to know before you hire someone is challenging, time-consuming and expensive, not to mention the legal issues. Despite our best efforts, hiring often becomes guesswork.

It doesn’t have to be. Orion can help.

Imagine being able to sit down with all of an applicant’s previous employers and ask any question you wanted about his other on-the-job performance and get candid, unbiased and complete answers. Would you have the information you need to make better hiring decisions?

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Employee Surveys

Our anonymous employee surveys enable you to see what’s working well in your store and what’s not working well. It asks questions that cover all the bases about where shrinkage could be coming from: policies/procedures, theft, training programs, policy consistency, and perception of management/supervisors, just to name a few.

And since it’s anonymous, it allows your employees to tell you — confidentially — things they would never tell you face-to-face for fear of retribution.

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