How Important Is Safety for Your Company?

How big of an issue is safety for you?
What emphasis does your company place on improving safety?
What is your safety record?
How much safety training do you provide?

Is there anything you do, pre-employment, before you hire someone, that will help identify whether they will embrace the safety training that you offer?

It’s possible, before you even hire someone, to determine to what extent they believe that safety is an important part of the workplace. Orion’s pre-employment surveys provide an insight into the attitudes your applicants hold, and how they will behave in key areas after you hire them.

Would you like to know before you hire someone the extent to which they’re going to embrace your safety program?

For example, if someone is a high risk in safety and is below average in the supervisory attitudes, we know this person, regardless of how much you train them, is not going to embrace any program, any training, and is going to be an accident waiting to happen.

On another profile, someone might be a high risk for workplace theft. Not only are they a walking accident, but they will also extend or exaggerate an “accident” to get a worker’s comp claim.

When you know this information before you hire someone, you can improve your safety record. That means fewer accidents, fewer worker’s comp claims, and fewer general liability claims. And that means lower insurance costs for you.

Eight percent of all retail applicants are that accident waiting to happen. We can help you make sure that they don’t end up with your company.

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