Find the Applicant Who’s a Perfect Fit

What are you looking for in new employees? Energy level? Spiritedness? How much they like working with customers?

Can your supervisor tell whether an applicant is lying during their interviews?

What if you and your managers had a hiring tool that would help them know if an applicant was just putting on a spectacular show?

Orion pre-employment assessments screen for people in your hiring process that are most likely to be successful in your company. Find out, before you ever hire them, how applicants will embrace your training, how they really feel about customers, or if they’re a prospect for long-term employment.

You can train your employees till the cows come home, but if an applicant really believes that customers are a pain, it doesn’t matter how well you teach them. That false attitude will come across to customers.

A study in the Harvard Business review showed that the success of a hiring decision, when only interview techniques were used, was about 18 percent. A pre-employment assessment is an effective hiring tool that can help you increase that success percentage and cut down on your turnover cost.

But we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Take it for a test drive, free of obligation.

Let us work with you to put in a pilot program at select locations, and see what results we get.

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