Why should we use Orion Systems for our assessment needs?

Orion Systems has over thirty years of experience with employee assessments and employee surveys. We’re a team of experienced professionals who understand how to effectively use assessments to help you select the right employees.

You want people on your team who have the right workplace attitude and desire to contribute to your company’s bottom line. Orion Systems can make that team a reality.

How much does it cost to use Orion Assessments?

Investment in our assessments is based on yearly volume. Of course, the most important consideration is return on investment. According to recent data, the average cost of employee turnover is 150% of an employee’s salary. If we can save you the cost of a single employee turnover, then your Orion assessments have become a great investment.

Which Orion Assessment will meet my needs?

Many factors are considered in the appropriation of assessments – including what you want to accomplish with an assessment. Our years of experience provide an excellent foundation for understanding your company’s needs and culture. We offer assessments for a wide range of positions within numerous industries, and our recommendations will take your specific situation, unique positions and individual needs into consideration.

In over 30 years, we have administered millions of assessments in numerous and diverse industries. We appreciate that each company is unique. Our experienced team members are here to understand your company’s goals and challenges and recommend the best assessment for your company.

How are Orion Assessments administered?

They can be administered via the internet, on a mobile device or on paper. Regardless of the administration option selected, you will receive immediate results when the assessment is completed.

How are Orion Assessments better than a background check?

Background checks identify those who have already been caught engaging in counter-productive behavior, but not those who have gotten away with it. Orion assessments measure an applicant’s tendency toward problematic and counter-productive attitudes in a way background checks cannot assess.

Do you offer training?

Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of training options that can range from webinars to Train-the-Trainer for those who will be administering and receiving assessment results. Additionally, there are no minimum educational requirements needed to administer or interpret any of Orion’s assessments or surveys, and our reports are both detailed and easy-to-use.

What if an applicant refuses to take the assessment?

If an applicant refuses to complete the assessment, and this is a part of your pre-hire process, we recommend that you adhere to your company’s policy regarding those job applicants who refuse to complete a minimum pre-hire requirement. Since Orion assessments are designed to be non-threatening to the job applicant, it is very rare for an applicant to refuse to complete our assessments.

Can the assessments be used for pre-hire and for current employees?

Yes. We will help you determine which assessment best meets your specific needs.

Still have questions?

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