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Why have Orion pre-employment assessments proven so effective for over 30 years?

Because we focus on critical, work-relevant attitudes & behaviors that are rarely, if ever, revealed during pre-hire interviews.

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Retail Turnover Reduction:

Turnover Reduction

Client 1: Turnover was 120% at the outset of our program. At the end of year one, turnover was reduced by 46%!

Client 2: Turnover was 76% at the outset of our program. At the end of 18 months, turnover was reduced by 38%!

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Client Reported Results:

Client Results

$2,000+ More Product Sold!

In a 4-month pilot, sales increased by 68% in stores using Orion (vs. 51% increase in non-Orion stores). Employees hired using Orion sold $2,000 more product than employees hired before the Orion program!

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Hire Your Way:

  • Client-branded applicant website
  • Integrate with your ATS
  • Adjust assessment content
  • Choose your own hiring criteria
  • Customize scoring & reporting

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