Increasing Employee Retention at 500+ Retail Stores

A large retailer with more than 500 stores came to Orion with two problems. First, they wanted to increase their employee retention. Second, they wanted to improve the quality of their associates, and give their employees a higher level of job satisfaction.

In addition to creating a custom assessment system for the retailer, which included parallel websites in multiple languages, Orion had to ensure that they complied with foreign employment and privacy laws. Plus, their multiple systems had to dovetail into a single database.

Rather than a pilot program, the retailer decided to do a full rollout of the program to all their stores. They measured their metrics over the course of a year, and compared it to the previous 12 months. Here’s what they found:

  • Workplace accidents dropped by 5 percent.
  • Involuntary turnover improved by 37 percent.
  • Employee retention increased by 10 percent in the first six months.
  • Internal theft apprehensions decreased by 8 percent.
  • When employees were asked if they could see themselves sticking with the company for two to three years, 13 percent more answered “yes” after the Orion rollout.

Every company will assess their employees – it’s just a question of whether it’s done before or after you hire them. Let Orion help you save time and money by doing it before.

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