Integrate Social MediaIn this new age of connectivity, many companies are turning to social media and finding them more efficient than traditional means of procuring qualified applicants.

Wonder how to get from point of contact on LinkedIn to a good hire?

Orion can connect you with your new team members, saving the company cash and saving your managers’ precious time.

The first step is to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites to connect with people in your target location.

When a potential applicant takes the bait (so to speak) the next move is to funnel them to the appropriate regional manager.

After collecting a few key pieces of information from them online or over the phone, the manager then gives them a code to access the Orion application and assessment system. Orion is set up with Netserv, so we make it easy to link directly from the social media site if necessary.

And Orion’s service looks just like your company website, so the applicants never know they are outside of your web page. After completing the online screening process, they simply wait for an interview call once their data has been reviewed.

The best thing about the Orion system is our availability. Your managers can’t be available 24/7, neither do they have time to meet with people they really don’t want to hire. Orion assesses each applicant, then tells you who’s not worth your time and who would be the best employee ever.

We are seamless, cost-effective, and we save your managers time.

Our system offers a quick and efficient way to get the best prospects for your business into your interviewer’s office by helping you integrate social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter into your recruiting process in order reduce turnover costs, hiring and training time, increase employee productivity and make your team happy!

Your managers might just buy you a beer.